Tim Parkinson And James Saunders: 24 Preludes

Tim Parkinson and James Saunders: 24 Preludes

I like that I can’t figure out which is the departure point for the action – the movement or the sound. Seeing the little Playmobil people so closely feels strangely intimate, just as the sound does too. Speaking of intimacy – do we all see a flirt in the prelude starting at 6’13?? I also like that although both figures tend to perform similar actions, they are not exactly performing them at the same time, which creates a sort of canon of actions/sounds. The repetition and echoing of movements between both figures are funny – but there’s also something of pathos in this. (Or maybe this is just the lockdown speaking through me?)

In sum, there’s a disarming simplicity in this vide. I’ll never look at these “little people” the same way again. 

P.S: quite unnerving how the authors managed to be so active and creative during the first quarantine (oh jealousy).